Open to the public for the first time
July 23-25
8 p.m. NY

A practical marathon

Meeting with yourself, your partner and the world by Temple School

In 3 days you will make a 180 degree turn in relations with yourself, your partner and the world! You will find your authentic way to unlock your potential!

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    Why can’t you miss
    this game marathon?

    Have you ever looked in the mirror without recognizing the person looking at you?

    Or felt like you’re not yourself even next to your closest friends?

    Or tried to fit a role because you felt you had to?

    If so, then you are not alone. Many of us have struggled with our true selves against the society that forced us to follow its stereotypes.

    But do you need to stick to these standards of society? Or is there a path to true freedom when you are appreciated for your individuality?

    is a program for creating authentic relations with yourself,
    your partner and the world: you will gain the strength to find out
    and accept who you are and follow your own path guided
    by your own truth.
    There has never been a more crucial moment in history when you could reach your
    full potential
    Enroll in the legendary three-day ONLINE event ‘Meeting with yourself, your partner and the world’ on July 23-25

      «I am fascinated by this journey!
      Before going to this program, I lacked self-confidence although I worked to improve this aspect. I know I have to do a lot to grow and develop as a person.

      With this program, I hope to achieve my goals: to gain firm confidence, to be a purposeful and determined person, to have the courage to overcome my hesitations and move forward. I am fascinated by this journey!»
      Change your mind and relationship with
      your partner and the world
      Your path to your new life begins right now...
      Imagine what it's like to wake up every morning full of energy and vitality to achieve everything you desire. This is what life will be like when you completely restore all aspects of your well-being and leave behind fear, anxiety.
      Day 1. July 23 at 8 p.m. NY

      Private Zoom stream

      ‘Meeting with yourself’

      This is the ‘First step’ of the marathon, which will bring you a lot of insights, a new understanding. You will take the first step — acquaintance with the most important person in your life — with your real self, your desires and needs. Step into a new FREE life.

      You will meet a free, confident, successful, charming woman. A woman who creates her own life!

      In 1.5 hours of our meeting, you will learn

      • The way to find out what kind of power you have. You will have the opportunity to try uniquely designed Diagnostics.
      • Four keys to unlock one hundred percent of your intuitive potential: each key is already inside you, it's easy to find them, and I'll show you where to look.
      • The ancient shamanic ritual Gyud is the revelation of the secret creative power of your subconscious.


      During the BROADCAST, all participants will be presented with a mudra to connect with their feminine power!

      * Please schedule your participation in the webinar in advance and attend in person!

      As a result:

      you will begin to experience the inner state which leads to a happy relationship.

      Day 2. July 24 at 8 p.m. NY

      Private Zoom stream

      ‘Relationship with a partner’

      The second day of the marathon may be the most important practical course you attend this year. Doing a great number of practices and seeing a lot of examples, you will feel comfortable and be able to easily improve any relationship...

      You will get to know your partner, your union can become the basis of health and well-being in your life!

      In 1.5 hours of our meeting, you will learn

      • How to keep your vibrations high to love yourself and your family more
      • Fill yourself with the energy of femininity and beauty
      • Improve understanding in your relationship with a partner
      • Tune your unique energy to the energy of your partner


      During the BROADCAST, all participants will be presented with a mantra of mutual love with a partner!

      * Please schedule your participation in the most important practical course of the year!

      As a result:

      you will improve your present relations or will be able to easily attract the partner of your dreams

      Day 3. July 25 at 8 p.m. NY

      Private Zoom stream

      ‘Relations with the world’

      You will go through a deep conscious work on your communication skills, you will escape the daily grind and the usual automatic actions, and learn to better understand yourself and others.

      You will get rid of old behavioral patterns and write new scenarios of your life!

      In 1.5 hours of our meeting, you will learn

      • How to use intuition as your guide to make the right decisions in life: which people to meet, what kind of job to take, and so on.
      • How to change the world by using intuition as a source of creativity and inspiration so that you can generate new ideas, new activities and even new inventions on the fly.
      • How to create invisible advisors: mental and spiritual substances that allow you to communicate with the higher mind and get wisdom and inspiration when you need it.
      • How to get into the right mental state so that your mind can completely assimilate and ‘digest’ everything you tell it.


      During the BROADCAST, you will be able to practice the Gyud meditation to open your heart

      * Please schedule your participation in the broadcast in order to reach a new level of awareness in your spiritual growth

      As a result:

      you will learn how to build the most effective relations that will fill you with joy in all spheres of life

      Who do you think is really the
      Yes, it's you.

      Love and self-worth are the basis of your personality.

      Every day you will get acquainted with one of the unique skills and work
      with it. You will be able to immediately begin to apply knowledge in
      communication with others and see positive changes.

      The main advantages of the
      largest practical
      full potential

      You can connect to the webinar from anywhere in the world


      This is the live meeting

      98% of practice!

      All practices have proven their effectiveness based on real life experience.

      And the most important thing! You will begin to experience the inner state which leads to a happy relationship!

      Start changing your life right now like more than 3,000 women in America and Mexico have already done with the help of ancient Temple School practices!
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        «Thank you for the endless celebration of soul and body! Life has become more like a weekend. I am much happier now that my husband and I spend more time having fun, although children demand so much attention, and life is insanely busy. Such an exciting feeling, as if this is the beginning of our new story…»

        Linda, 38 y.o.
        An exclusive practical marathon, which has proven
        its effectiveness among 98 out of 100
        American women, is for you if you:

        ●  Have a low level of energy, you don't understand what you really want

        ●  Do not feel satisfaction/pleasure in life

        ●  It is difficult for you to tell other people about your feelings

        ●  It is difficult for you to say no and save your energy when talking to others

        ●  Сare of others a lot while losing a sense of your value

        And now try to remember when you gave yourself support, care.
        Or did you blow you and your happiness off just as you
        usually did?

        Then we look forward to seeing you at the online marathon.

          You will be able to perform all the practices at the webinar under
          the guidance of
          an international coach known in 9 countries of the world and the founder of Temple School
          • Enlightened woman and priestess of the temple
          • Leader of charitable movements around the world
          • Founder of Temple School
          • Author of the bestselling course on the unlocking of creative potential
          • More than 150 retreats in the US and Mexico
          • Opinion leader for more than 170,000 people who follow her on Instagram
          • Author of a technique that has already helped 55,000 women to fulfill their long-cherished wishes
          Join a thriving global
          community - Temple School
          is driven by grand ideas to impact the world in positive and uplifting ways

          The best part is you’re not just attending one event. You’re joining a community of brilliant people who meet regularly around the world and support each other in their journey to make an impact on the world.

          Once you attend you'll never feel alone again

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